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My sweet Penelopi says goodbye

September 4, 2017

She was my "Pen Pen", my other dog- Paco's "Pretty girl", my hubbys road dog lol! She was my fur baby.

She also developed an infection over a year ago, causing Bladder Stones to take over her bladder, which also took over her kidneys- quickly. Within 1 week, she went from chasing squirrels, to not being able to stand. The decision was inevitable.
She now overlooks the sunrise every morning next to a beautiful stream lined with oak trees and with tons of squirrels and lizards to chase, lol! 

<3 Only the best for my Pen Pen <3

 Peanut butter cupcake- she begged for table scraps...

 My hubby even put a piece of steak on top lol!

 She wouldn't eat :(

 I express to all of you, my photo-families, the importance of making photographic memories because tomorrow is never guaranteed. I wanted to share with all of you that I do take my own advice. The heart-wrenching pain that I currently feel, from the loss of my paw-baby, would be intensified had I NOT made sure to have photographic memories of my precious Penelopi! If my heart hurts this much for my Pen Pen, I can't imagine if this was one of my children, parents, my husband!


I can't express enough- DON'T wait-
- to loose a few lbs
- until my hair is a little longer
- until they are a little older and not so rambunctious
- for my hubby to finally take some time off


Please, NEVER forget-

YOU are loved and deserve to be remembered! 


Lets take some photos of your loved ones!




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<3 Anais <3

August 20, 2016

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