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What 2 Wear Wednesday

With the holidays quickly approaching, and back to school finally over lol, it is time to start thinking about what to wear for those Annual Holiday Family Photos!!

Dun Dun Dun

lol, jk ;)

There are several things to take into consideration when choosing your outfits-



-age of the kiddos

-skin tones


-weather temperature

- time of day for session

and other things based on each family unit!

Why do these things matter? Well, we don't want to put you in green if we are photographing at 6pm in an orchard- you might get lost in the green leaves! And if its 115* outside, we definitely don't want you wearing thick "Ugly Sweaters" for your Christmas holiday cards lol! We don't want you to pass out lol! ;) Can you imagine receiving a holiday card where the family is all wearing "skin tone" yoga pants? Yes, that would definitely make me giggle!! But we all want to make a statement with our Holiday photos. So the object is to figure out what kind of statement! And EIP would love to help you figure that out!

So I dug around the internet to find a few articles with tips for what to wear. To view different color collections, just click to see my PINTEREST!

I look forward to building your custom family holiday session with you!





To book a session with EIP-


Check out my family-below!

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