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Tip-See Tuesday!

WOAH!! Can you believe School is back in session!!?? I, for 1 am excited! I LOVE how organized my day is when my boys head off for school each day. I have a "not-so-secret" addiction to organization, lol. When my boys are home I don't get to feed my addiction, but when school supplies hit the stores- I am like a bee in a honey-hive!

Well, 1 thing that also comes with the start of each new school year are Back-2-School photos!! Now that is my specialty! With everything that our children face when school starts, there is 1 thing that I love to help with- getting smiles on those adorable little faces! They change and grow so fast each year that annual photos are a must in my home- even before I was a photographer ;) So here are some great tips and prop/pose ideas for those annual memories-



So when you are ready to book your child's "Back-2-School" session contact EIP!!


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