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EIP is Movin' on Up in 2015!! See what changes we've made for YOU!

I asked YOU, my clients, how to make your experience with EIP even more personal, more meaningful, more memorable ;) I took notes and 1 of the main thing you all wanted was... PRINTS!

But most of you weren't sure what to do with the prints, once you got them. I mean, sure you hang them on your walls, duh EIP, lol! Yes, yes, I know you want to hang them, and frame them to put on your work desk, but you wanted to know h ow you could display them to enhance your home, office, nursery... You wanted to display your memories, in a more fashionable way!

Well, EIP has done it!! EIP has taken the dive into forming personalized Wall Art just for you!! You asked and you shall receive ;)

So first, you will notice that I have changed the layout to my website. Moving around my website should be pretty easy now. Each tab is easily located so you can just click and view!

Simplify, thats what you asked for ;)

Next you will notice that my packages have changed! WHAT?? Wait, thats not a bad thing, I promise ;) The various price structure for each style of session has been eliminated! EIP now offers Sessions fees. So you are no longer given a limit on the number of images you get with each session! YOU get to choose how many prints and/or Digital images you want to purchase! Just keep in mind that for each print you order, you receive that digital image for FREE!! Thats right, FREE! So now you get the Print you wanted, designed by a Professional Photo Lab, as well as the digital image for you to share on Social media ;) Click HERE to see the new pricing structure for sessions.

Whats the difference between Walmart printing and my professional Labs?? ALOT!!! Actually, the only thing they have IN common is that they both have the ability to print pictures, lol. Thats it! Everything else is different! The quality of service, print paper, and even colors are different! For more info on the differences and how much BETTER quality you get from my online Printing Labs, click HERE.

WAIT!! Theres more! I understand that you are investng in your memories and in me! So I want to invest more of my time in you :) EIP is doing away with Online proofing galleries! Think about it, how much time do we spend chatting back and forth over specific details in each image while you are on your work break? EIP has decided that we want to go over your images with you immeditely following your session! So each session is scheduled for a little longer to be give you the option to view your unedited images right there on location! We will get to discuss all the images you love and want me to edit as well as print sizes, cards, and Wall Art you would like EIP to help you put together. PLUS you don't have to wait to see your images ;)

OK, now what lol?

Deposit- check!

Quesionnaire- check!

Session and balance pmt- check!

Image selection- check!


Now its time to view your Gallery Premiere! (audience cheering and applauding)

Whether we meet at my studio or your home, we will get to go over your images and products together! We will see a digital preview of how your images will look on your walls. You will get to see the actual size that will look best over your couch, over the babys crib, or even put together a wall collage to catch your eye as you walk up and down your stars! We will build a custom order for your specific needs!

On average, clients spend around $100-$500 during this Premiere, which includes costs for Prints and Digital images.

PHEW!! Well, thats about it! EIP has put so much time and thought in preparing this new process to help all my clients get the most out of each and every experience we have together! Whether you are showcasing your beautiful family, senior graduate or precious newborn. Guests will be amazed at the beauty and sleekness of your wall art!

To find out more info on this process or to book a session with Angela, click HERE

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