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Looking back on 2014

Another year has gone and all we have of it are the memories. For some of us, we are lucky! Because we realize the impact photographic memories can have on our ability to keep precious memories close to the forefront of our minds.

I have had many opportunities to photograph people and events this past 2014, and felt nothing less than honored to be part of each one! Whether it was a couple sharing the good news of tiny toes to come,

a graduating Senior announcing their journey to new places and challenges,

a couple announcing their union,

a baby's very first birthday ...

or how about a social gathering amongst friends and family?

Every time I took out my camera, I was about to capture a moment that would never happen again. And in some events, people that we would not see again, on this earth.

I cannot express how grateful and humbled I am to be part of these events, activities and special moments that you choose to share with your closest of family and friends- It is an HONOR! Thank you!!

So on to new experiences, lessons, parties, and 'Once in a Lifetime" moments for all of us! HAPPY 2015!!

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