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Maria and Steve

EIP has the most gorgeous mamas!! I ran into this beautiful Mama 2 be at the grocery store and couldn't help myself- so I gave her my business card lol! Thankfully she called me and I was able to photograph her and her baby bump <3 Between her beauty and the gorgeous sunset, her session was amazing!! I can't wait to meet little miss Emily- soon!! Congratulations Maria & Steve! Call EIP to book your session today! 559-940-9226

Music Monday!

How could I let Labor Day pass without paying a musical tribute to all our Hard workers?! Well, I couldn't lol ;) So we all work hard, right? whether we take care of our home and children, legally protect the citizens of our community, photograph families so their legacies live on, or serve up a delicious cold turkey sandwich and Dr Pepper! Work is work! I am 1 of the lucky ones because I LOVE my job! I hope you are all just as lucky!! I had to go back to an oldie but goodie! I love Sam Cooke- his voice is awesome! I think Im half "old Soul" lol ;) So break out your dancing shoes and sway side to side with your dancing partner!

My sweet Penelopi says goodbye

She was my "Pen Pen", my other dog- Paco's "Pretty girl", my hubbys road dog lol! She was my fur baby. She also developed an infection over a year ago, causing Bladder Stones to take over her bladder, which also took over her kidneys- quickly. Within 1 week, she went from chasing squirrels, to not being able to stand. The decision was inevitable. She now overlooks the sunrise every morning next to a beautiful stream lined with oak trees and with tons of squirrels and lizards to chase, lol! <3 Only the best for my Pen Pen <3 Peanut butter cupcake- she begged for table scraps... My hubby even put a piece of steak on top lol! She wouldn't eat :( I express to all of you, my photo-families, the

Welcome Joshua!

Joshua came in a little older but just as cute as any newborn! He was escorted by his mom, dad and big brother Ethan! Joshua has the sweetest personality for only a few weeks old :) And those eyes!! Just melted my heart <3 To reserve your newborns session, contact Angela at- 559-940-9226

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