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Thrifty Thursday

(Photo Credit- Huffington Post) Thursdays are dedicated to all the thrifty, "make a dollar out of .15 cents", DIY'ers out there! So if you know of any great deals or amazing thrift finds, make sure to share them in the comments below! So for today lets explore some thrifty options for Back to School! Shopping for Back to School can be stressful, unorganized and pretty chaotic- right!? Well if your child just gave you their list from their teacher, or you are looking for cool ways to organize their room for a smooth sailing year of A's, here are a few great links!

What 2 Wear Wednesday

With the holidays quickly approaching, and back to school finally over lol, it is time to start thinking about what to wear for those Annual Holiday Family Photos!! Dun Dun Dun lol, jk ;) There are several things to take into consideration when choosing your outfits- -location -comfort -age of the kiddos -skin tones -genders -weather temperature - time of day for session and other things based on each family unit! Why do these things matter? Well, we don't want to put you in green if we are photographing at 6pm in an orchard- you might get lost in the green leaves! And if its 115* outside, we definitely don't want you wearing thick "Ugly Sweaters" for your Christmas holiday cards lol

Tip-See Tuesday!

WOAH!! Can you believe School is back in session!!?? I, for 1 am excited! I LOVE how organized my day is when my boys head off for school each day. I have a "not-so-secret" addiction to organization, lol. When my boys are home I don't get to feed my addiction, but when school supplies hit the stores- I am like a bee in a honey-hive! Well, 1 thing that also comes with the start of each new school year are Back-2-School photos!! Now that is my specialty! With everything that our children face when school starts, there is 1 thing that I love to help with- getting smiles on those adorable little faces! They change and grow so fast each year that annual photos are a must in my home- even b

Music Monday!

What is "Music Monday" you ask? Well, its where EIP will be choosing 1 song/ band/ artist to spotlight for all different kinds of connections! I feel that music helps our souls connect with one another <3 I love music, of all genres from Country, hip hop, indie, blues, jazz, Opera, Bluegrass and of course Christian and gospel! I could go on about the genres we will cover, but how about we start lol! "...Hope when the moment comes, you'll say... I, I did it all..." When we think of music, we want to "feel" the words, the beat inside out soul- well at least I do! When I heard this song, it instantly reminded me of the joys of my job. Why I do what I do! This song, among many others, re


Happy Birthday Savreen!! Book your baby Cake smash session with EIP Contact Angela- 559-940-9226

Its not too early! Actually its the perfect time!!

... to book your Family Holiday session! Well, considering there are only 10 Saturdays available for Holiday Sessions!! And EIP only books 1-2 sessions per Saturday! ;) EIP fills up rather quickly, especially on Saturdays and evenings, during the holiday season! So even though it may seem early to start thinking of booking your date/time- considering EIP still photographs Weddings/events, Maternity, Newborn and Seniors- I say... JUMP on it NOW before EIP is booked!! ;) Lets get started building your custom Holiday session today! 559-940-9226 #eip_photo

Welcome Camilla

Camilla was an absolute DOLL and such a sweetheart to work with! I want to hold her forever lol <3 Lets get started on building your custom session today! 559-940-9226 #eip_photo

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