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<3 Mary and Maria- Juniors <3

Mary and Maria are the most adorable, giggliest set of twins Ive worked with. They are just UBER cute!! This year they are celebrating with their Debutantes Ball. So we just had to take some photos beforehand so they could share them with their friends and family!

<3 Adoption is pure LOVE <3

Adoption for many people has many meanings. But for this family it is the true definition of LOVE! What an honor it was for me to be part of such a memorable moment <3

<3 Amador family <3

Ive been capturing this family memories for the past 3 years and they are the SWEETEST family!! These little girls are growing up way too fast!!!

Curtis Family

I always have so much fun with this little family <3 Cant wait for Noahs 4th bday, its coming up soon!!

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