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Georgia and the Red Apple

Georgia is definitely a Princess in her home! So what better of a session than to throw on a princess dress and have a photoshoot for her Birthday! Her mom was very excited to share her vision of turning Lil miss Georgia into Snow White for a day :) Georgia looked absolutely adorable in her blue dress with white knee highs and super cute black shoes! All she needed was... The Red Apple ;) She even though she would read a book while waiting for her other dresses to hang dry, lol. Miss Georgia ran through the Labrynth to escape from the Evil Queen... Well, you all know how the story ends, so on with the photos!! Click here to see more images on her Slideshow!

Dulce and Oscar- Pure LOVE!

This adorable couple met back in High School! Yep, High school sweethearts, Awwww :) They shared a passion for "Folkloric dancing". Oscar quickly realized that DUlce was "THE" one! On a trip to Sea World, while celebrating their 8th yr anniversary (WOW 8!!), Oscar got down on 1 knee, fully equipped with a 1 ft long dolphin, lol, and explained how much Dulce made him happy. He told her that he wanted to do the same for her, and asked her to be his forever :) Dulce and Oscar frequent Monterey and Carmel. I can see why, its gorgeosly peaceful <3 "... the one place we can focus on us." One time during their visit to Monterey they decided to go Kayaking. WHich for some would be exciting an

George Jr turns 7 months!

This little cutie came into my studio and was so adorable!! I mean really Those CHEEKS!! He was all smiles for about the first 10 minutes... Then he wanted to play a game, giving me 1 heck of a run for my money lol! but I found his weakness, BLOCKS! What boy can resist blocks, lol? But then dad took his little heart away :( (this is so precious lol!) George stole my heart with his cuteness! Take a peak at more pics from his session.. And to wrap it all up, I made this super cute custom Collage to display some of mom and dads favorites! Contact Angela to schedule your childs session! 559-940-9226

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